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TU Wien Research Data is an institutional repository of TU Wien to enable storing, sharing and publishing of digital objects, in particular research data. It facilitates the funders' requirements for open access to research data and the FAIR principles by making research output findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. It is developed by the TU Wien Center for Research Data Management and hosted by TU.it.

The repository uses persistent identifiers and synchronises with data hubs: DataCite, OpenAIRE, and BASE. Thus, it maximizes the visibility of the uploaded content. TU Wien Research Data is also listed in FAIRsharing and re3data - registries many funders refer to.

Recent Uploads

MSDv1: Manufacturing Sound Dataset for Classification of Work-related Actions and their Sound

Fink, Lorenz
2022-11-29 (1.0.0) Dataset Open
Currently, a dataset that contains sounds specific to manufacturing and/or assembly environment is not available. Within the Master's thesis LINK, a suitable dataset was created and open-sourced to public and research. The dataset contains a selection of typical production activities, which can...
Mechanical engineering
Computer and information sciences
Uploaded on December 2, 2022

SFG Spectroscopy of Pd/GR Model Catalysts

Li, Xia
2022-10-20 (1.0.0) Report Restricted
The Lise Meitner project (M 2787-N) examined CO adsorption on metal surfaces by combining laser spectroscopy with surface science methods. As a first major result, CO adsorbed on smooth/perfect Ir(111) was found to be tilted at high coverage but upright at low coverage, analyzed by combined sum...
Uploaded on October 20, 2022

Zeelim fan, Israel (part)

Geological Survey of Israel ; Arav, Reuma
2022-08-08 Dataset Open
Part of the Dead Sea (Israeli) shorline airborne scan, 2013. Focus on the Ze'elim fan, Sinkhole Field #IV. Resolution approx. 8 pts/m2
Uploaded on October 18, 2022

Kaunertal dataset (part)

Photogrammetry Research Group, Dept. of Geoinformation and Remote Sensing
2022-06-27 Dataset Open
This is a part of a UAV-scan of Upper Kaunertal, Austria. Collected by VUX-1UAV. Acquisition platform: helicopter. 
Uploaded on October 18, 2022

Untere Traisenbacher Höhle (UTB_104423)

Department of Geoinformation and Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry Research Group ; Wimmer, Michael
2022-08-08 Dataset Open
 Untere Traisenbacher Höhle - terrestrial scan no. UTB_104423. Cleaned and partly downsampled version (approx. 800K points). Acquired with Riegl VZ2000. Acquisition platform: tripod. 
Uploaded on October 18, 2022